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Welcome to CardBoardFish. Founded in the year 2000, CardBoardFish has grown and adapted through the explosion of SMS text messaging, and has achieved an impeccable reputation for providing exceptional high quality, reliable, and low-cost SMS delivery services.

With verified global coverage of over 760 mobile networks in more than 210 countries, and services to cater for SMS Aggregators, Businesses and even Personal users, CardBoardFish is the only connection you need.

Never before has it been possible to reach nearly 4 billion people in such a personal way. With the UK, Europe and other countries now with well over 100% mobile phone saturation, there has never been a better time to add SMS to your business.

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Find out more about purchasing a bulk bundle package
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At CardBoardFish we strive to reach every mobile network in the world. Our comprehensive coverage list includes over 760 networks in more than 210 countries, each one tried and tested.
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With our simple to use APIs you can easily connect your existing application / website directly to the CBF SMS gateway.
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Our support is manned by level 3 technicians so that you get the right answer first time.
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Benefit from our fully redundant, no single point of failure messaging platform. Experience reliability you won't find anywhere else.
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+ Latest CardBoardFish News
HLR Lookup 2.0. Revolutionary new technology from CardBoardFish

The List Manager from CardBoardFish

The List Manager service allows your recipients to subscribe or unsubscribe from your campaigns via a unique short URL that links to the List Manager interface. The short URL can be added within the body of your messages or used with other communication methods.

HLR Lookup 2.0. Revolutionary new technology from CardBoardFish

HLR Lookup 2.0. Revolutionary new technology from CardBoardFish

CardBoardFish is proud to unveil HLR Lookup 2.0, a fully redundant, telco-grade HLR lookup infrastructure with verified coverage of more than 700 networks in over 200 countries. HLR Lookup 2.0 can be used to identify invalid mobile numbers, find the current and previous mobile network for a number, check if a number has been turned off for a long period of time, and also discover what country a mobile subscriber is currently located in.

CardBoardFish Launches UK Business Account Promotions

CardBoardFish Launches UK Business Account Promotions

CardBoardFish has launched two new promotions for UK Business customers. The first, aimed at new customers, is the 'Start-Up Bundle'. For a one-time payment of £420 the bundle includes everything needed to start sending SMS campaigns. The second, the 'Top-Up Bundle' is aimed at existing customers that want to take advantage of lower cost UK SMS pricing.

Mail Merge in Batch Sender

Introducing Results+ for TextTank The new account upgrade

Results+ is the new account upgrade for TextTank that provides users with new features and an advanced reporting function. New features include the ability to set up automatic responses to incoming messages received on the account's unique keywords, plus a start/stop function that allows end users to manage their own subscriptions for receiving SMS messages.

Mail Merge in Batch Sender

Add that Personal Touch - Mail Merge in Batch Sender

Communications, especially for marketing purposes, are so much more effective when tailored to each individual recipient and delivered to them personally. Starting today, the new Batch Sender from CardBoardFish can do just that; adding unique data about each recipient into each text message sent and therefore ensuring maximum impact and relevance.

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